The Kindgram Story

One of my earliest memories is of my grandma Ruth, or “Gram” as we called her, delivering paper baskets filled with candy and flowers to friends and neighbors on May Day. Although her old springtime tradition has faded away it is something I will never forget. Through my Gram I learned about the power of thoughtfulness, how to strengthen our human connections, and how to build community. I also learned there’s no greater feeling than showing an unexpected act of kindness.

As a Kindergarten teacher and a mother of three, I’ve now enjoyed passing down my Gram’s lessons. Whether sending a friendly postcard to a student, leaving a treat on another teacher’s desk, or delivering cookies to a neighbor, I love spreading kindness and teaching the importance of giving to both my students and my own children.

Throughout 2020 – a year filled with fear, division, and isolation – my thoughts kept wandering back to my Gram and her genuine kindness. It got me thinking: What if everyone was just a little more kind to each other? What if we randomly told our co-workers, friends and neighbors that we were thinking about them, instead of only on birthdays or special occasions? How much more impactful would those acts of kindness be?

I created kindgram with the goal of making the act of spreading kindness simple and affordable. With kindgram, you’re just a few clicks away from sending a thoughtful note and a small gift to anyone at any time. Please join me in delivering kindness and help make someone's day a happy one!

Yours in kindness,

Alia Woolfe, Founder of kindgram, LLC